Moving Support, the History and Politics of Mutual Aid in the US, grocery delivery volunteering, and Buy Nothing groups
Bronx Fire Volunteers Needed, NYCHA, and Freedges
Subway shelter policy, tenants rights, great events, and more
Dear MANYC Community: Here are some urgent calls to action we are hearing from Black leadership across NYC. We share this info in the spirit of…
This week, we are looking at the history of mutual aid to understand how we got to where we are today, as well as how to exist and thrive together in…
Happy Friday! May the sixth be with you
January 26, 2022
A Conversation with Vocal-NY’s Tatiana Hill
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April 22nd, 2022
Mutual aid is as important in this moment as it ever was.
A conversation with Chris Nickell, who has helped to jump-start mutual aid efforts from Marble Hill to Chelsea